Too Much to Say
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2005-09-26 18:23:55 (UTC)

i wish everything was free

i hate having to worry about money. it seems so shallow
and worthless, but it's reality. it's one thing to not
have the money for ANY entertainment what-so-ever. but to
have about $20 a week for gas AND food is quite another. i
don't know what to do. i understand that teacher salaries
are low, but THIS low?! it's almost minimum wage for
goodness sakes! and jason spends at least 60 hours a week
at the school.

oh this is so stressful! i hate it! it's not like i want
to live some lavish life. i just want the bear essentials
provided for. and god-forbid, an occasional outing.

i want to scream and cry all at once. why does any job
worth while pay pennies? i have to get a job. except the
only time i have available to work is evenings, which is
the only time i get to see my husband. I HATE IT!!! a
part of me says that i would rather be homeless and
actually get to spend time with my husband!

i know i'm just whining. i need to trust that God will
take care of us. it's so hard to tithe when you know that
your tithe money could feed you for the month. but i know
that if i make a sacrifice for God, trusting that he will
take care of me...he will. right? i hope so.