2005-09-26 18:10:12 (UTC)

Just a few quotes I wanted to events from Saturday

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in
the head of a poet.
Orson Welles

A good artist should be isolated. If he isn't isolated,
something is wrong.
Orson Welles

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for
Orson Welles

So Saturday was a tripp. Literally. I went to Kankakee.
Felt like such a road trip. That was one odd date. Took a
while to warm up to the sweet guy I already knew. Ended up
getting real close along the lake again. He's sweet and
silly. Neat. So I don't mind that at all.

I spent the night with him just cuddling. That was nice.
He holds on to you so tight. Throughout the whole night.
Wake up in the middle of the night... morning sunshine...
kiss some more.

Woke up to a bowl of cereal and cartoons though. That was
not good for me. A bit too kiddy. I'm trying to get away
from that stuff. I mean it could be cute some times, but
it wasn't then. There was nothing to do. Nothing is opened
on a Sunday morning, and he is not interesting enough a
guy to want to just stay with the whole day and kiss and
cuddle. He took me home, and that was officially the
longest date I've ever been on...

Need to end it. Realized that there is no way he can be
serious with me. He's just silly and sweet. Real nice,
almost too nice. I rather just be friends but don't know
how that will happen. I know he likes me more then I like

Somehow it always ends up that way. Ended up thinking of
Johnny who's maybe too old for me, and Jo, who is just a
better kisser, his lips are just real pleasant.... and on
that note, I gotta get to class.


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