2005-09-26 13:36:31 (UTC)

my weekend

alright so my weekend was pretty fucking sweet....got
out nice and early on Friday, hit the 59 over to the Two
Hydrogens and an Oxygen town and spent all day
there...it was awesome

then i got up on saturday did my morning shit and then
took the 8:30 am 59. Went to fair in the square with my g/f
and then went back to her house. Screwed her once there.
Then my dad called and nat, my family, and I went out to
chinese food dinner. Then we went home, and i got my parents
to let nat stay overnight...and what a night it was...

anyhoo...sunday i went to see the Exorcism of Emily Rose
with a friend and then got into a big fight with my gf over


i want to stop fighting with her..

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