2005-09-26 00:57:00 (UTC)

or will i

fearing what returning
has reduced me to
things that feel so certain
people who seem permanent
cutting away to become your losses

pedastals for you to spit from
every day i thought
just simply thought you were the chosen
by the same powers that made me your own
the ones that made you forever linked and ever-important

but its just the way things happen
with smiles ripped from their starting points

the outside doesnt matter
the backdrop the situation the other characters
as long as you're leading, i'd love the day

but you take it
and want to be able to close me away
and have me waiting for you to feel like i was good enough
or to be angry at something and justify it
so here i am always and again no matter what
i feel i'll love you

maybe if you didnt know it
this wouldn't happen
if i kept it away then it would be wanted
but i dont see how you ever could
when this is what i've let you reduce me to
how could you take the opportunity and
the way you have.