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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-09-25 23:11:31 (UTC)

sub diary 24-09-05


where do i start. my mother moved in and i have no idea
for how long. i thought maybe a week. she was up early and
organising things. she needs me to still sew some curtains
so she can rest in the afternoon. i will do them tomorrow.
i have to reduce some slower selling stock before the sale
as it is worth more to me that way. i am a little sad by
the sale of my store as it is my baby.

my day seemed so long and tonight i must look after some
kids. the girls arent bad but the boy does give me a lot of
trouble at times. i was fortunate as the boy went to a
sleep over but i still had to endure his sexist attitude
until i dropped him off. i find it difficult in this day
and age to believe a male should have such a low opinion of
women. with him out of the way the girls and i were able
to have a girls night...we talked about girlie things and
ate chips and drank soft drink, ate lollies and laughed

Master rang me and Wwe had a nice chat until i had to leave
as i got a visitor. once the girls were in bed i tried to
call Master back. i kept getting a message telling me that
the lines were congested. i tried for about 1 hour then i
successfully rang His mobile phone. Wwe chatted for a
while then the link dropped out. i again tried to call
getttig the same message to His land line and a no progress
to His cell phone. Again the phone Gods were out to try
Oour patience. i was so tired and drifted off to sleep. all
night long i drifted in and out of sleep.

i love You Master
slave jess{MJ}

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