Nick's Journal
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2005-09-25 02:44:42 (UTC)

The "Real" World

so after having lived in this elusive "real" world for over
a year i believe that i am a certified expert in the ways
of the sucessful. the sad thing about "making it" is that
there isn't too much to do right; yet there are a lot of
things you shouldn't do wrong.
first and foremost, put in that extra effort. i know it
sounds like something that asian next to you does in high
school but it truly is worth something. and let's get
real, that asian next to you in high-school graduates with
a 4.28 and gets excepted into harvard (not because he/she
is smarter, a horrible and un-forgivable stereotype we must
overcome) but simply because their culture cultivates (you
know you love the noun to verb transition there) a sense of
over-achievement. i mean come-on, american and
(especially) european culture is based on, "just do what
doesn't get you fired" and we lament our deterioration
while china is over there preaching communism while showing
every symptom of capitalism exploitation.
they are they ultimate false messiah, but more on that in
another never to be written journal entry.
one thing i found is that there are a lot of smart people
out "there" but the majority of them aren't willing to do
that extra "something". and the majority are flat-out
incapable. they don't know what to do and don't want to
know; or even worse they THINK they know, don't know,
profess knowledge, rape your project, and then get fired.
which leads me to my second axiom of being sucessful.
if you are at least 80% sure you know what's going on, then
act like you know all 110%. speak in a leveled voice with
a hint of ironic sarcasm dripping of every word and you
will be viewed as a person sure of yourself and one who can
lead, and look if you are truly that type of person it
isn't even acting on your part!
truthfully there is only one time in history where i have
seen people act like they know shit when they were truly
insane...and that era was known as the NSDAP.
they screamed at you and made you afraid to contradict, and
they lead for about 13 years until people got wise and
fucked them up. sure they were insane (probably the most
insane and twisted stock of humanity ever) but they
SURVIVED soley by following rule # 2.
last but not least (see everything can be summed up in 3
rules or less).
if you can at the very least justify and maybe even enjoy
waht you are doing then you have a heads-up; beause then
the first two axioms of survival in our real world will
come naturally. if you don't hate yourself when you sit
down at your desk and cdount down the minutes towards the
end of your day then you are ahead of about 95% of the
folk. you succeed simply by the fact that other lose. doesn't that make you feel better about
choosing marketing and/or economics as a major?

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