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2005-09-23 19:47:29 (UTC)

what a crap day

Today was by far the worst day of my life

I was at home all morning, dad had gone to my aunties
house to sort out stuff (honestly insurance people have no
heart, they were just talking about what to do with the
house and car and all the stuff they don't want and how
much everything is going to cost) I just came back from my
living grandmas house and I am talking to people on MSN
(Hugh has no heart either I told him and he was like so
are you going to stagecoach tomorrow and I was like don't
know and he was like please come otherwise it will be
boring! And I was like thanks for the comfort!) Corrine if
you are reading this you rule, you are helping me alot!

The funeral is on Thursday, she wants to be cremated, but
I'm not going to watch that because I will just cry (what
happens is the coffin goes behind a curtain and they play
lovely depressing music and then they burn her (I am
crying now o thanks alot myself!)) alive Grandma says she
wil stay outside with me.

Mum says she's left me something in her will, but I'm not
sure what it is yet.

I promised her I will make her proud, and I will

Ill never forget her

Love Lucy xxx

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