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2005-09-23 00:54:33 (UTC)

feeling stupid

woke up at 7 am just now and prepared to go for lecture
after one week of break. only to find that there is no
lecture. feel really stupid.

and disappointed. for no one told me. absolutely no one. not
even him. when each time i think that i know something about
the modules we took together, i will inform him. i feel so
stupid. and i even thought of sharing the cheese buns with him.

feeling really stupid.

he does not give two hoots about me. and to think that i
care about him so much.

i can't seem to get over him. when i thought that i had made
a progress in getting him out of my mind, he came back to
me. but as i pull closer to him, he backed away. leaving me
in confusion and hurt.

i'm so sad. so, so sad. i hate this feeling. i hate knowing
that he has full control of my feeling. i hate, hate this. i
so want to give myself a cut or a good slap to get rid of
this feeling.

it's hurting me emotionally so much.