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2005-09-22 19:36:08 (UTC)

head f*ck

I heard from Liz today asking if I'd heard from Vita! He
called me yesterday from Milsy's house in London. I tried
to sound friendly, upbeat and chatty but deep down I was so
sad and gutted that this would be the last conversation
with him whilst he's in the uk. I'm gonna miss that git so
much- a major missed opportunity. Liz saw (How's work)
Brett last night & he told her that Vita was trying to
extend his flight till next week. I feel crap now coz if I
knew that yesterday I would have been more open with him on
the phone. but lix didn't know that till long after I'd
spoken to him & also after his flight left-GUTTED!!!!!!!!!
I keep thinking he's just gonna walk into work & surprise
me.... a real cheese on toast hollywood moment!!!!!.....get
a grip,Vicky!!!!!!!!!!! Good news though- Brett said that
he really likes Liz....I'm well pleased for my buddy!!!! x

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