slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-09-22 15:52:45 (UTC)

sub diary 21-09-05


every day runs into another. i am still sorting through
things both at home and at work. i didnt have contact with
Master again today. i just hope He is enjoying His new job.

today i found out that my mother is moving in with me for a
while. she wants some time away from my sick aunt. i can
understand that to a degree but i also feel my life is
closing in around me. i will have to be careful what i do
from now on. Master has given me preslumber rituals and
early morning ones. i will have to discuss with Master
alternatives to some of these.

i still have my guest with me so i have to be careful
anyway. it seems out with one and in with another. i cant
wait to move out of this mouse house.

i love doing my nightly rituals and cant wait until Master
is overseeing them. i just hope i am not doing something
wrong as the longer i do it the harder it is going to be to
break out of old habits.

i did something that i am excited about but i have to wait
to see if all goes well. not a real big thing but
something special to me. i cant talk about it right now but

i love You Master
slave jess {MJ}

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