Ozzie wannabe's
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2005-09-21 19:26:27 (UTC)

My girlie moment- V's gone! x

Well Vita flies home to australia today. I was so sad last
night before I went to sleep. I have to admit, I did shed a
little tear. I spoke to him today & tried to sound bright
and cheery but actually was totally gutted that a wont see
hime again (or if I do, then it won't be for ages!).
I sent him an email just letting him know what an
incredible person he is and that any girl would be silly to
pass him by! He truly was a case of "right guy-wrong time"
but hey- I guess life goes on but I will never forget him
and I really hope he doesn't lose touch. Sounds pathetic
but I do feel hugely lucky to have met him!
Here's to you, Vita!!! You're one in a million! xxx