The Moth Diaries, Poetry
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2005-09-21 15:48:26 (UTC)

Poem 79- Wraught Iron Gates

your eyes burn into my breast and i feel
that my ribs will explode if i cant touch
this feeling tomorrow, if i cant have this
depth of ache tomorrow.
the candle whispers down and the flame
flickers as the breeze of the mountain courses
through my veins, bringing blood filled
with the hemorrhaging style of passion to
my mouth. forms my lips into a parting sigh,
i know this isnt real and yet i can feel
it with each gasping breath through those tatterd
lungs, i feel it each night, wonder why its
so deep- trapped behind the wraught iron gates of
a damned pulse. i hardly know this entity inside
that plays and tricks, twisting my love into
hatred, turning what i know into what i do not.

© Lucy Griffin Sep05