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Logic of the Insane
2005-09-21 15:33:29 (UTC)

A pile of shit...

Hello there again. Seems like I only come on here when
things are going wrong...I guess that's the whole point,
though, isn't it? Get stuff you feel you can't talk about
off of your chest. Well, where do I begin?
The positive thing is that my life was turning out
pretty damn good. I got a job at a new appliance store in
Ventura doing receiving and light repairs/testing/cleaning
of appliances. I started at 8.5 and then after three
months, I got a raise which put me up to 9.5. I have
medical insurance, dental insurance, car insurance, I did
get my lisence right after I posted that last entry. I was
approached about becoming a co-advisor for the theater team
at the high school. Drastic Measure (My Band) has been
recording at this great studio for a great rate. No
girlfriend, but I wasn't really missing it. Things were
Then in mid-August, I started school again. Things were
going good. School wiped out all the money I had saved as
well as lowered my paycheck by cutting into my hours. But
it was fine. Then, I got a ticket. I drive a road nearly
everyday to work and the speed limit is 40 mph. Well, I was
going about 40 when I got pulled over. Apparently, this
road was a school zone, which I had never taken the time to
notice and school was now back in session so I was in
violation. I was extremely well-tempered and cooperative,
but the officer decided to give me a citation anyway. And
that pretty much began my descent.
Later that day, I started having chest pains and
problems breathing. I tried going to the doctor, but the
insurance I had made a mistake so I had to wait until the
first of september until I could go in without paying at
least $60. So I waited. When I finally got in, I was told
that something was triggering an asthma-like reaction in my
lungs. So I was prescribed an inhaler. When the chest pains
weren't stopping, but getting worse and I was missing work
and school because of them, I went back into the doctor. He
ran an EKG on me, which was a little nerve-racking. But
diagnosed me with having inflammed tissue around my lungs
and heart. Anyway, that's going okay now. Although whatever
is triggering my breathing problems is still around.
After that whole thing, I decided to check on my dental
insurance and sure enough, they too had made a mistake. By
the time i got it corrected, I would have to wait until the
first of October before I could use it.
So, my situation had gone from healthy, good income,
savings, etc. to sick, okay income, no savings. Then we had
to pay for our studio time so far. I payed for everyone,
and then everyone paid me back. Angel still hasn't paid me
which I didn't mind until this past weekend when my car
broke down. It cost me about $150 for me and Greg to go
pick it up and tow it back. Then, when I got it back and
got it to a mechanic, I found out that the piston rods are
damaged and I need to pay $1,200 for a new engine. Now,
this car is an '86 Honda 2-door hatchback. I really don't
feel like putting $1,200 into it. But my only other option
is to buy a new car...which means more money...which I
don't have. All of this and today I need to go pay the
ticket and I don't have the money or transportation. So,
I'm going to get there somehow, and then buy a lotto
ticket. I don't normally play, but I figure I've had my
string of bad luck, I'm due for something good to happen.