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2005-09-21 04:55:34 (UTC)

SOX GAME!!!!!!

Well, i officially hate not having a cell phone. i thought
i'd be ok w/o one for a little bit but no, i absolutely
hate it. everything is so boring now. but oh well. so lets
see, wat shall caitlyn write about today? well, nothing
really happened today, i went to work, then came home and
wished i didn't have to be home. But OMG i forgot about
yesturday! I went to a SOX GAME!! FinallY!!!! It's been so
long and it was so much fun! I went with Doug and Sean. I
had a blast! I loved cheering for them and screaming my
brains out and wow, it was fun. I love baseball. Sean, i
think, had fun. He's not really much of a baseball fan and
he kinda just sat there but i think he had fun. We took
pictures and stuff. Our seats were right behind home plate
only up high. We almost got a foul ball but it was a
little up more than where we were seated. So yeah, i had a
blast. If anyone who is anyone would know that i LOVE
going to baseball games and i'd take any chance i could
get just to go to one, lol. Hell, if i could, i'd go
everyday to one. And i love Chicago! I love walking
through downtown Chicago being surrounded by other ppl
walking and seeing all the amazing buildings. CHRISTMAS
TIME is the BEST time to go to Chicago!!! OMFG! Its
awesome! I love it!
Well, i'd better go. Nothin else to really say. Later!