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2005-09-21 04:05:45 (UTC)

Moi Reply a Grant

lol well that's good that billy didn't say that although i
did look quite pathetic at the time.
grant awwe you made me smile so big. lol. if you were here
right now you'd be very hugged. haha.
the next time it rains is gonna be exciting. yessss. haha.
"not cool by your books?" haha when did you start saying
that mister? lol and i dunno i've pretty much always been
negative about myself. its just kinda how it goes.
and when i said i could take you anyday i meant as in
beating you up although i was being sarcastic because we
both know i couldn't. and yes i probably would say yes.
and no i don't think its anything any guy's ever said to
me that's made me think how i do. its just me and probably
things other people have said but good. its kinda
confusing. haha. lol grant you're amazing. i love you so
much!!!! you'd better be at school tomorrow. because yes.
lol what were you cooking????

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