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2005-09-21 04:01:27 (UTC)

It's times like these...

no nicole your awesome thats why ur my best freind and you
could have a b/f if u want to you juss gotta find the
right guy and who cares what billy says even tho he never
said that but yea who cares wut he says it matters wut i
say and that puddle jumping dates a deal and why r u so
negative bout urself dont be.... not cool by my books. and
what did u mean by you could take me anyday does that mean
by you could take me anyday does that mean by beating me
up or does that mean if i asked you out ud say
yes??????????? if its sumtin a guy said to u that made u
think that way i gotta have a chat wit him casue i care
for you like 2 times as much as kayla or anyone in the
world does.....k but i gotta go finish cooking my food i
think its boiling over haha.

That would be the message Grant sent me on Nexopia in
relpy to one that I sent him. Mine just said pretty much
that I'm really pathetic at being a girl and the other day
when I was skateboarding him home I was wearing like
sweats and a baggy shirt and it had rained so I looked
very un-girly and one of his friends saw us and we were
talking to him and I was like "Yeah I bet that like the
second I was out of sight he turned to you and was like ok
that was the most pathetic excuse of a girl I've ever
seen." So yes. And then I was like "haha yeah that's why I
don't have a boyfriend! It all makes sense! haha" So yeah.

Silly Grant. Why does he have to be so fricking amazing?
Why can't I just hate him? Well not HATE him...but like
not be insane over him. ARGH.

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