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2005-09-20 05:29:16 (UTC)


God is so wonderful to me that, when I feel my heart
embrace an emotion such as love, I can close my eyes and
envision the perfect existence that He has made for me.

I realize that not all things go according to my heart's
will.. and at times, my patience grows thin to the
speakings of His Word.. however, i never doubt.

When a new relationship forms you dont know whether it's
going to last a day, a month, or forever. The only thing
you can truly count on is knowing that God will ALWAYS be

I feel blessed, very blessed.

I have my dream car;
-good job
-amazing friends (the few that stick with me)
-great boyfriend (although new, but yet, old at the same
-good college
-awesome family (meaning by blood; and by spiritual)

.. I look above, and though, some are material
possessions, God understands how much they all mean to me.
And, He blesses me everyday to be able to wake up,
breathe, and thank Him for all the wonderful things He has
given me. And, the best yet, being able to openly speak
about Him to those I'm surrounded by each day. You dont
have to preach and, push your beliefs on others, just
saying His name triggers something inside of others when
they see that your heart genuinely seeks Him fully. It's
understanding when to stop, but realizing you must never
give up..

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