Nick's Journal
2005-09-20 04:13:31 (UTC)

My NFL Predictions

a long over-due journal entry. here are my predictions
(also known as "nick's disgrace").
the vikings won't make the playoffs and mike tice will be
suckin' dick by week 7.
drop daunte. come on....daunte? i have him as my numero
uno qb and i ripped off my testicles.
back-up? kurt warner, goooooooodbye nick.
chad johnson (my one shining star) will be the mvp and new
raining God of NFL if i have anything to say in the world of
the bengals will make it to a wild card on impressive
offensive. then the patriots (who will also be a wild card
this year) will rape them 180 - 2, (only cos brady collapses
of exhaustion in the end-zone).
other than the vikings, you know the packers have to
shoulder some disappointment. i seriously believe that the
school for people with no eyes, brain-stems, nor limbs, will
win the NFC North Division. hey i was the first person to
call a fetus hittin' the endzone in a wild-card race.
i predict the saints will win the NFC. why?
cos of hurricane, whatever, just give us some fucking money,
isn't that the name of it?
oh they lost to eli manning and the giants in some
demoralizing "home-game"...come on, they are a rape victim
waiting for their trial date, bring them to our
jurisdiction, wherever that might be.
mark my words the saints are in the playoffs.
as are the eagles and panthers; eh falcons cos of the
obligatory "vick is great statement" seahawks will something
just cos if they don't holmgreen is fucking dead, and the bucs.
AFC: pats, colts, bengals (to get destroyed) chiefs (to get
crushed), jets (to get crushed), and the raiders (who will
get violated).
peace out.