Cosmic Rain
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2005-09-20 00:31:24 (UTC)

Dreams are just that....

I didn't like the way my dream made me feel. As if I had
physically cheated. And I never would do that. I held this
person in my arms again. I haven't in so long. It was warm
and felt like then all over again. And even in my dream I
tried to seperate the different times. Make them far apart.
Because it was a time I had loved and enjoyed, but it was
then, not now. And as my dream shifted to now I realised
that no matter where I am now, any feelings of my past, no
matter who or where, I will always strongly remember and
feel. As if invisible parts of me are still out there
circling these people. And people may look up, but they
can't see. And probably never will.