2005-09-19 12:49:51 (UTC)

The Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks have had many quiet days with a few
intense ones dealing with estate business. The house has
been sold, bills have been paid, the household inventory
sorted through and disbursed and things are fairly quiet
once again. I finished a quilt top and have almost
completed another. I've knit a half dozen Santa hats for
preemies which I've added to the other hats I've made; these
will be mailed next month. The garden is winding down now;
there are still a few bees buzzing, the last of the tomatoes
are ripening, flowers are putting on their final show.

John worked a number of twelve hour shifts but he's back to
working more regular hours this week. We'll be moving Owen
back to Corvallis as university classes start next week.
The books that I placed holds on many weeks ago at the
library, some long before they were published, are now
coming in and I'll soon have a stack of them to read on my
bedside table. The weather has cooled. I've put the
blanket and a quilt back on the bed and close the windows at
night. The cats have decided they want to be in the house a
little more now but spend their afternoons curled up
sleeping in the dappled sunlight under the apple tree in the
backyard. I baked the first pumpkin pie of the season last

The seasons change.