Random (boring) Thoughts
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2005-09-19 01:36:38 (UTC)


Coconut honey madness.
Mango peach passion.
Death by wildberry.

No, you're not reading the drink menu from Applebees. This
is a sampling of what you'll find in your local shampoo

Seriously, shampoo scents are getting out of hand. I don't
know weather I should smear this stuff on my hair or throw
it in a blender with some tequila and ice.

--Another Mango Peach Passion?
--No thanks. I'm driving.

As a single guy, it is almost impossible to look anything
but gay when buying shampoo. I get the feeling that the
clerks are all laughing when they see me with my jungle-
melon blast flavored suave.

Other than looking like a homosexual, there are many
reasons not to use this shampoo. Namely; Bees. I work
outside. I have this fear that one day, a nest of hornets
is going to mistake my head for a buffet.

I can see the coroner now.

--Who's the dead body with the swollen head?
--I don't know, but do I smell coconut?

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