2005-09-18 16:48:16 (UTC)

Good Quotes + good date last night...

A car can massage organs which no masseur can reach. It is
the one remedy for the disorders of the great sympathetic
nervous system.
Jean Cocteau

A film is a petrified fountain of thought.
Jean Cocteau

So his name I don't mention. Let's just call him Bob.
Bob's alright. Sweet as all hell, my age, has a dragon
tatoo on his right shoulder, knows how to ride a
motorcycle cause he had one for two months until his
friend had an accident on it, and he gave me roses. He
didn't even kiss me on the first date, but this time I
made sure we did something. Don't like to take the
initiative like that, but guess I had to and I don't mind.
Then we were just kissing all over. On the beach, in the
car. I feel like i need to take charge with him alot in
that department. He kinda only has one main tempo. It's
kinda slow and I like it, but I need some shifts otherwise
it's gonna drag. So I get on him the whole time so I get
to dominate. Go in a normal speed, then start picking it
up, then simmer on down, tease him, look in his eyes and
go at it real quick again. Oh yeah, this boy don't know
what hit him. He's nice, I know he got excited but I
wasn't gonna do any grinding. That's gotten me in trouble
before. If I wanted to I know it could very well go that
way. But my thoughts are still somewhat on other people.

I'm thinking of the guy who's older then me, and how more
personality he has. He's sure of himself, not this whole I
don't know thing that Bob does frequently. i think this
can happen, and it can be very good, it would have to
develop into it.

Also thought about jo. He's so much a better kisser then
this dude, he's passionate. I miss that. I don't crave it,
but it was nice when it was there.

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