Cosmic Rain
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2005-09-18 03:01:04 (UTC)

Be At Peace

The reasons are cloked. But I'm yet to reveal if there is a
dagger. For maybe there is something underlying..hidden.
Not being said for fear of what it means. What does it
mean? Afraid of the truth. Afraid of the deep seated truth
that was coated in venonmous slurs to hide the real
feelings. Be at peace with the real feelings. Be at peace.
Anger has no place. Anger stews bitterness that tastes like
bile and spews out hate. Shallow hate for what really is
something closer to everything opposite of hate. And I am
everything opposite of hate.

For I may not be anyone's treasure at the end of the
rainbow, but I can reveal the colours and I can reveal the
simple, wonderful journey of getting there.