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2005-09-17 22:43:53 (UTC)

College and Bowling

College is going great right now. I am taking 2 classes
and both of them are online. Pretty boring classes if you
ask me (both anatomy classes). But the homework and tests
part of the classes couldnt be any more difficult. I mean
the test are like 75 multiple choice, 10 short essays
testing your knowledge of the body, and some of whatever
else there is. Its almost like if I dont pass a test I
could flunk the class, its that hard. But if I'm not at
school, I am working at K's Merchandise Tuesday thru
Saturday 6am-2pm, a demanding schedule but yet very
attainable to get things done that needed to be done.

Well Bowling started last Tuesday Night. First week I shot
a 633, not to bad for the first week. On Thursday I shot a
657, thats pretty good for the first week. This past
Tuesday I didnt do so well, struggled a little bit with a
539, to put my average at a 202 for the year. For Thursday
I petty much sucked shot a 548 and dropped my average to a
199 or something like that. Well thats all I have for now,
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Joshua Ryan