daddy's little time bomb
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2005-09-17 18:35:37 (UTC)


Krista- So me and her are pretty much friends again.
nothing has changed at all. go fucking figure right?
so last night i was supposed to go up there to see a show
with her then i wanted her to sleep over with me after it.
so i ask her. so if we cant get a ride to the show then do
you want to have a sleep over still.
and all i get is...ive made plans with syd. hmm.
she did this to me last weekend. and now she acts like
shes the victim. sure she got ditched...but she didnt have
to. i was here waiting for her to text me she? no.

Sara-SO my BFF FOREVER AND EVER. we are so close it isnt
even funny. like we always say and do the same exact thing
at the same time. lasty night since krista fell through
sara ditched bert for me. it was pretty fucking awesome.
haha. we had SO MUCH FUN way more than i couldve had with
anyone else. we ate alot of candy. haha. i mean ALOT. go
us. party party party.

Nick- we broke up cuz i felt like it. hahahahahaha

Amie- shes a cute girl. i like her even better now that she
doesnt hang out with bobby. she can be annoying but
whatever. haha. too bad. its sad she cant get a boy. like
theres nothing wrong with her. shes always nice and stuff
so i dont understand it, its so fucking lame for her.

MAndy--we talk again. i missed her shes being really cool

Scott- he got kicked out. im trying to avoid him.

one thing
to make history

my favorite month. october.
my favorite band. blood brothers.
my favorite person. my brother.
my favorite thing. dancing.
HxC dancing that is.
electro stepin it all over the place.