Goodnight, Starlight.

2005-09-17 14:31:51 (UTC)

sept seventeenth

things have been good lately. i cant say ive totally
forgotten about paul, but hes too busy with his own life
so i never talk to him anymore. unless its about
something important. hes too caught up with nic, i think.
but oh well.

i've gotten closer to simon. hes been too my house lik
twuce, im pretty sure hes comin up tonight for
a 'madxmakeoutxsessionx' or something :P. we've been
hangin out loads really. ive not seen him since tuesday,
and its now saturday.

last night we spoke on the phone from like 9 - 1ish. we
fell asleep on the phone. it was cute. i really do like
him. ill just see what happpens tonight. even though i DO
have a cold.... meh.

he plays a show on the 25th. i wanna go but jill singers
probably going. i dont really wannt be in the same room as
her but i guess i'll have to go. just to see simon. :).

ive not been with kendra much at all lately. shes been
hanging with tia since school started.

schools cool. biology, science, AIT, and english. im
pretty loaded with homework.

but i have a headache so im gonna go. write later.