2005-09-17 07:06:16 (UTC)

Oz fest tomorrow

Tomorrow should be fun. Going to work for a couple hours,
then going to Oz fest. Yay! Its so sad this is the last
year it will be in Chesterton. I love the Oz fest. :( so
anyways, yeah, i feel like i'm the most horrible person
ever, but i didn't do anything. I mean, is it really a
crime to be friends with guys? Seriously? Like guys you've
been friends with since sophmore year? Or frineds you've
know since u were way younger? For some reason, its
completely wrong of me to do that. I can't even talk to
guys at work without feeling weird. I feel like i'm being
so rude. Which i am! Which is probably why i have such a
hard time talking to ppl. I'm afraid they're not gonna be
good enough, and not for me ofcourse, i like evryone, but
for someone else i know...Sure, this someone else doesn't
have problems with ppl. He can talk to anyone he wants and
not have to feel wierd. He can be friends with whoever he
wants. But me? Nope, i have to be very choosy, and very
wise about who my friends are, and they can't be this right?