Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
2005-09-17 05:47:32 (UTC)

Football Game was soo much fun!!

I wanna do it again. We totally kicked Kentlake's butt.
Kentlake is not having a good fall season. Whe beat them
in XC and now football. Let's see how they do in
volleyball, soccer, golf etc. They have no chance. They
are gonna get creamed.

Anywayz Adams er MR. Adams was at the football game.
Rachel was there. Allen and the evil girlfriend were
there. Loads of people were there. I stole Nate's
sunglasses then Sarah (the traitor) gave them back then he
gave them to me for the entire game. I spoke to Trevor
once. Kathryn was there. I have a thing for drummers.
Bryce is cute. I should've been a drummer. Back to the
game. We won 39 to 0 totally shut them out. Football is a
fun game. You gotta be a little insane to have fun sitting
there though. I am so gonna lose my voice by tomorrow. I'm
surprised its not gone now. Totally fun I wanna do it
again tomorrow and the day after. 1 down 3 more to go and
then the playoffs. And then basketball. Fun fun fun.

Supposedly, someone likes me. I was told by one of his
friends that he likes me. However this friend of his I do
not like and do not find him a trustworthy source. So
until I have further proof actually no I do not like this
person. I like Trevor and nothing can change that. This
person is my friend. He is fun to annoy, but you can't
base a relationship off of that. I will think nothing of
this. And for all you guys reading this spread it around
that I am not allowed to go out and I think dating at this
age is pointless because there is no where the
relationship can go.

Thought of the Day:

I think I have developed a Physiological dependency on
communication with Trevor. If I don't talk to him I feel
bad. Trevor I hope I have Agape (unconditional) love for
you and not Eros (Man & Woman (sexual attraction)) love
for you (I learned that in Behavioral Psychology). Night

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