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2005-09-16 23:38:34 (UTC)

inpired day, update, and best gf ever award :0)...

Quote for today: A great thing can only be done by a great
person; and they do it without effort.
-John Ruskin

So today I was enthused completely about going to the rug
shop. I was late yet on time. Late for the showing up
early, on time for the store opening. Kept asking Lazar
what it is that I need to still learn. Got to the point
where I basically know it all know, it's just a matter of
memory and the little things, plus some more procedurest
and experiance with handaling clients, questions they ask
and how to deal, that kind of thing.

So pretty sweet, I might be chasing designers soon after
all. I really can't wait cause I want and need more money,
especially with my birthday just around the corner.

I found the perfect place to have it, crap, I forgot to
call, will after this entry. It's a cabin near town, 4
queen sized beds with a jacuzzi and I'm not sure if that
one had the fireplace or if it was a different one. One
way or another it sounds perfect. If it's like 400 or 500
for two nights, I'm there. Then I can hire someoen to make
smoothies, prepare everything before hand as though it
were my place, and have the dj come in when time allows.
I'm thinking the ever popular mardi gras theme, with me
wearing a beloved coreset. Gotta call this place.

Besides that, I just got the most wonderful compliment
today from this guy I went out with. We've been talking
almost every day. It's like we skipped the whole dating
process and jumped right into steady relationship without
the physicallity of it, except the holding hands and such
cutsie things. Anyway, I went to astronomy pick a day and
saw a beautiful picture of the northern lights. So while
checking this out I told him: hey I'm gonna send you
something beautiful. So he tells me: You're coming over?
I'm like what? He's like, well, you're beautiful. I told
him to stop cause I was blushing. That was so nice and
unexpected. We do some more of this flirting I might just
start really looking at him "that way." I'm seeing him
tomorrow. He's coming all the way from Kankakee just so we
can see a movie and have dinner.

I'm thinking of making him some garlic bread. He said he
liked italian food. I kinda wanna do the cute girlfriend
thing before I'm his girl. Before I even know if I want to
be. I just like doing those kinds of things. Especially if
it will make him melt for me even more. He said he liked
lasagna, but I'm not making that, too much, and I don't
know how. Besides, we're gonna go off to dinner. I just
want to get an outsiders opinion of home made garlic bread
that I've attempted to make. I need to do this with some
kind of bun though, and put it in the oven. We'll see what
I can do. If he lived close, and I was in a long
relationship with him already, that I loved, and knew how
to make lasagna, I would have made it and came over there
with that and a movie. One day I'll do that for someone
who's worth it. But now it's just a goal.