void deck
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2005-09-16 13:24:15 (UTC)


Have been in a mellow mood today. I know most of the time
I'm in the mellow mood but by right today I am supposed to
feel happy... because mid term break has finally come. Yet,
there is a gush of sadnees in me. I really don't know what
has made me feel the way I do now. Mayeb it's the emptiness
that has been accummulating for some time now.

I miss home. A home I never have. I feel so lost. I really
don't know who or where to run to. I am all alone. Always
alone. Don't know what to do.

And the comfort I usually find in a friend is gone. The
peace I found in God has also long been lost.

I feel lost... so lost. I want to cry yet I'm not sure
crying will help anymore.

The deep shit I'm in now...

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