How Do I Tell Them...
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2005-09-16 12:05:50 (UTC)

Stormy Night

Something i wrote while watching 10 Things...a wonderful
movie...whilst there is a huge storm...

On this stormy night,
Dont try to tell me i'm beautiful
Dont try to tell me i'm sweet
Dont try to tell me i'm wonderful
Dont try kiss up to my heartbeat
Dont try to tell me i'm all that
Dont try to tell me i dont care
Dont try to tell me that i can do anything
Anything i wish or dare
Dont try to hold me close
Or hold me so far away
Dont try to leave me alone
Please i want you to stay
Dont try to make me feel guilty
Or wrap me in despair
Just let me know how much,
How much you love me and you care

On this stormy night,
Tell me what i mean to you
Tell me how you feel
Let me tell you how much i love you
And how it is all for real.
Tell me the wonderful things
Tell me some of the bad
Tell me when you are ecstatic,
Tell me even when you are sad.
Let me live life with you
In the moment, not future or past
Let me inside of you,
Discover something that can last.

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