Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-09-16 06:15:15 (UTC)

Deserving of Love

What do you see?
How are you looking at me?
What makes me so worthy of
all the love and support I receive?
What did I do?
All I have done is care
As I shall always
But I have not earned anything
And you know what..
You can't earn love
You can earn trust
Which, apparently, I haven't really
How can I make you trust me?
Why wouldn't you be able to trust me?
What on earth could I do to you?

Why would I ever misuse your trust,
most especially to hurt you?
I never would

Why do you think I deserve so much?
Look how lucky I am
So I suffer physically throughout every day
You are the one with all the fear and pain
It may be mostly mental, psychological...
But that doesn't make it your fault
You are only at fault for how you have handled it all
For how you have given up without so much as a real fight
You still suffer
You are wrong, you do not deserve how you are
and have been treated
What you need, whether you truly "deserve" it or not,
is love
So go ahead, take mine
I've already made room for you in a piece of my heart
The spot is irreplaceable
Made purely for the likes of you
Nothing you say can change my mind, or, rather,
how I feel in my heart.


Teehee, for the likes of you.

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