Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2005-09-16 06:08:19 (UTC)

i think i might start a zine or write a book

***disclaimer this is a long email be prepared for a
headache, neck ache, and back ache by the time you finish
reading it***

"There is something else I am after, out in the wild. I am
searching for an even more elusive prey...something that
can only be found through the help of the wilderness. I am
looking for my heart."

thats where I am
looking for my heart
looking for my head
looking for purpose

i realized something very important at work the other day
i was sitting there wondering why I don't like my job and
why almost everyday is so humdrum and lacklustre and then I
realized that thats what life without God is
God is happiness, is love, is excitment and when I choose
not to include him in my life then those things are not
included either
God gives purpose to an otherwise meaningless world

i have begun to listen to talk radio everyday (which i
swore I would never do...i am officially becoming my
father) and they spoke of a judge in CA who ruled the
pledge of allegence unconstitutional because of the
words "under God"
and it made me think and come to this conclusion:
It's easy to not want or need a God in a world where
everything is available to us when we need or want it.
When the hardest times we have are when we can't decide
what movie to see, what CD to buy, or what shirt to wear.
We live in a world that has placed God behind a glass that
says "In Emergency Break Glass"
i want to break that stereotype
just as i already spoke about i realize we all need to
break that glass and start that relationship with God
just like that Grandparent or old person you have that you
stuck in a home and don't converse with.
Open up, make the 1st move let you making a change, change
your life
i want God every moment of everyday

and my last thought (this one goes out to the women)
there is beauty in every flower
so why can't you realize there is beauty in every woman?
cause there is
the 3 most beautiful traits in any woman are confidence,
faith, and self respect.
more women need to realize what they are and what they are
capable of and embrace it
the world needs more strong women
it's sad that that usually takes years of being stepped on
for most women to realize that

ok thats all the wisdom I can handle today
please keep me in your prayers
seeing I don't have money or a car
or a musical career right now
To Wong Foo, thanks for everything