What the Hell Is Going On?
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2005-09-16 02:25:30 (UTC)

Her Friends Are More Important

I understand that she is at college now and being social
is a big part of that, but we have been dating for 3
years, so why can't she just talk to me sometimes? I
can't even see her on the weekend because she is with her
friends, and after class on the weekdays, she is with her
friends. You would think that after all this time and all
of the things I have done for her I would be more
important to her than her friends, who know nothing about
me but are constantly badmouthing me and trying to judge
my character by looks. What an asshole. Even last night,
when I tried to help her with her homework, she was such
an asshole, even after I helped her understand some of he
problems AND find an easier way to do the work. Why do I
even bother trying?

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