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2005-09-16 02:14:51 (UTC)

No more cell phone...

So guess who's cell phone got ran over the other
day...mine! Ugh, i'm such a dumbass. I set it on my car
and forgot to pick it up again when i got into my car to
drive to work. When i went to look for it, it was a mile
away from my house all smashed in pieces. (yes, i actually
found it) I'm so sad! I love that cell phone! I painted it
pink and silver and i've had it for over 2 years and ugh,
i miss it. AND i can't text message andymore until i get a
new one which is driving me crazy and i lost all of my
phone numbers that i had, and wow, i'm so pissed. But
guess what, there actually is good news to all of this. I
told myself that i would keep that cell phone for as long
as possible and when it would break or get lost or
whatever, i would buy myself a new one. And the one i have
picked out is an awesome camera phone with superphonic
ringtones and omg its awesome. So i can't wait to get my
new one. I just really wish i still had my old one tho cuz
that one was a badass. But oh well. I'll get over it.

So anyways, yeah, i woke up and was at Sean's house and
then i had to go to work so i went home, got dressed, went
to work for a whole 2 hours! OMG! lol, and then went home
and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. Ugh,
i'm so bored. But i am excited about Monday. Me Sean and
Doug are all going to the Sox game! Hell yeah! It's been
soooo many years since i've been to one, so i'm like so
excited. I love baseball! Lol, its awesome.

Well, I'm going to go. Later!

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