Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2005-09-15 05:33:58 (UTC)


The problem with people who have no vices is that
generally you can be pretty sure they're going to
have some pretty annoying virtues.

~Elizabeth Taylor

You're Born, You take a Shit
Get out in the World, you take more shit
Climb a little higher, take this shit
til one day your up in the rarified atmosphere
and you've forgotten what shit even looks like.

Welcome to the Layer Cake son.

-Michael Gambon, Layer Cake

So. Instead of feeling sorry for myself,
lothing the decisions of the past, and
ultimetely wallowing in the caustic mud
of indeterminate defenestration, I have
an answer to the age old questions;

Where are you going? What do you want?
Who are you? How are you going to do it?
and Why are you going there?

The answer is really quite simple.

"Who Cares?"

Or rather, it's simply a matter of trying to
understand that without some point of reference
I'm going continue to live in the midst of
hell, without any true care.

Lust is fickle, but direct. I shall ride
the shallow waves, and see where this latest
journey down the road of heart tugged fun
shall take me on.. it'll be a ride...

Til Next... when the sun rises at dusk.

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