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2005-09-15 04:17:11 (UTC)

mcd's meeting

ya so today was really good. i had a lincoln wide
mcdonalds meeting at they joyo and i got employee of the
year! i was so happy i wanted it so bad last year but i
feel like i really deserve it even more this year! it
totally made my day and gave me a lot more cofidence in my
whole managers meeting now i know that they do appreicate
me, and i know that im important to them. monoply is
comming up and its a contest aganst all the other stores
on who can decorate their store. so ronell is going to
pant the parking stalls as menoply game pieces! im so
excited i really havta start thinking on wat else we can
do inside! i hope we win, ronell isnt that bad i guess i
kinda like her!