Too Much to Say
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2005-09-14 18:13:28 (UTC)

so many searching

right now jason and i are directing "Oklahoma!" at bonham
high school (where he is currently teaching theatre), and i
have to say that i have absolutely fallen in love with
those kids. they are all so incredible, and yet have no
confirmation that they are worth anything to anyone. i
just learned that not one, but TWO of the kids in the cast
have mom's who are in jail. (and most likely don't even
know where or who their daddy is.) the majority of them
live with a grandmother or other relative. one 16 year old
just informed me that she's getting married in december.
at least half of them have been branded "special ed." and
have no confidence that they can do anything well.

why are there so many worthless teachers out there right
now?! no one wants to help these kids. they'd rather just
slap a label on them and write them off as "unteachable."

at auditions, jason and i were pretty discouraged and
worried that we really weren't going to have a show. this
town was we thought. but we pushed on and
decided that we could still do it. much to our surprise,
it wasn't that the kids had no talent, it was just that
they'd never been pushed, or believed in, or cared about.
the change in them over just a 3 week period has been
amazing. they're really good!

more than anything, they need role models in their lives.
they need guidance and encouragement. they need even
something as simple as a willing listener. i want to be
that for these kids. i've always had a passion for
mentoring, and i know now that it is one of the things i am
supposed to do in this life. when i hear these horrible
stories of a wrecked homelife, i don't always know what to
say...i didn't go through that. but i don't think they
need me to say anything. they just want someone to
listen. and to care.


i'm currently working on my teaching certification. i
would give anything to teach at bonham. they need
passionate teachers. (lord knows their music department--
if you can even call it that--desperately needs help.)


God, is this my purpose? is this the thing i've been
waiting for? help me and guide me. this is my heart's

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