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2005-09-14 10:29:37 (UTC)

the story of my mind

manifestations suround my body
proding and poking at my cursed flesh
suffocating me until i follow them
down to the depths of my insanity

they lead me into my own head
bringing me through stone and granite streets
magnificent mansions and houses surround me
can this really be my insanity

deeper and deeper we go through marvelous towns
on a road of solid gold
until we reach the edge of this town
and deeper into the coils of my brain

we get to the core of my mind
deep in the desolate folds
the marvelous sight turns to darkened streets
the houses are now broken and abandoned

we come to a corner littered with bums
hookers dancing on streetlights long since dead
gangs everywhere with there drugs
but none of this can be my insanity

the specter leads me close to a house
pulls me through the splintered door
a man in white robes sits waiting for me
but who can this be if i'm in my own head

he tells me a story of what i once was
he tells ma a story of what i am
he tells me a story of how this came to be
but he leaves out what happened here

pressed on the matter he tells me the truth
the gleaming houses are all just my fakes
they are my defense to life and its misgivings
for all i do drifts me closer to insanity

tears roll down my drooping cheeks
as the terror of life seeps in my head
the angels surround me with firry swords raised
this is the end of my insanity

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