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2005-09-14 10:05:55 (UTC)


housing my horror inside my head
the fact that i woke up means i am not dead
but is it a hell that i am living in
or is it my brain creating my own reality

walked to town on a gold walkway
held a charging hourse at bay
but is it true that i was there
or am i just pulling my own leg

crossed the street and got hit by a car
i flew up and was tossed far
but i stood up and saw nothing there
was that my imagination playing tricks on me

worms writhing on the moist groung
they are everywhere to be found
in my arm and my leg they feed
or is it that i am under my own influence

called a friend on the phone
she talked in a malevolent tone
but is that true for i am curious to see
how can this happen if there was no phone

fell asleep on my bed
something started beating at my head
but could this be if i was standing
no life to be found in this desolate house

someone is watching me now
he's seen by a cat that meowed
but there was no cat or man to see
am i this weirded out or could it just be true

got beat up by my older brother today
he punched me and kicked me calling it play
but i have no brother or any wounds
so how did this happen to me

just anther random poem i thought i might create

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