beautifuly broken
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2005-09-13 01:36:15 (UTC)

brandon harris i love you!

omg u should c my homework n notebook 4 skool...guess whos
name is written ALL over it? brandon harris brandon harris
brandon harris gosh i love him so much serioulsy i do i just wish
he felt the same way...he says he does sumtimes but then he says
hes not sure of what he feels n e more b/c he has feelings 4 other
ppl hes so complicated b/c he makes mi so confused lyk he tells mi
one thing n then says another n then again and again and again
im just idk im so confused rite now...!! god i love him so much rite
now and i seriously think he could care less...ok well im guna go 2
eat sum ice cream n sleep kk xoxo 3 rae

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