whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-09-13 01:13:06 (UTC)

umm nun nu

well im bac i kno itz ova due.w.e.skool started.nun 2 talk
about hamster is finalli movn.i broke up
wit lova boi.nun realli goin here lol.but yea skool started
and its been hectic around here.things r'nt bad but things
can always b betta.i hav 2 stai @ my aunts this wkend.thats
gonna b fun.o yea FL wuz good.met no spanish boiz.the 1 i
met wuz outta my reach.long stori.will xplain anotha
time.writin n this thing jus reminds me of the life i dont
hav lol.lemme stop.o yea i like 2 spanish boiz.1 i dont kno
but is fine as all hell.the otha i used 2 b realli kool wit
but sumhow we lost touch n now things rnt the same.but now
he looks good as hell n i wanna go wit him.but things rnt
the same so i dont wanna tell him how i feel.which is nu
cuz i normalli hav no prob.doin that.i dont realli hav n-e
thin else 2 sai cuz i dont feel like typin down my life
rite not evn tho theres alot goin on but not goin on @ the
same time.
)*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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