Autum's Leaves
2005-09-12 05:36:01 (UTC)

Anger Management

So, I don't care if I'm anti social or not, I really
don't. All I have to say...well not really, since I'll end
up saying more, is that I cannot WAIT for her to leave.

How retarded is it to pack up your shit at ONE IN THE
MORNING? *let's out air* AHG.

I have been annoyed.

Jesus Christo.

*thinks* But here's the good side, I get to remodel the
room how I want it to be. I'm going to bunk the beds, bring
the futon in, I'll see if I can get susan to help me, we'll
use my car since it's got like...more space everywhere than
her car. haha. But yeah, that'll make three extra places
for people to sleep, two can sleep in the futon and the bed
can sleep another, so hell yeah.

I'll prolly throw a party or something to celebrate,
haha. Which'll be a welcome change from HER reading her
Christian books on not sleeping with guys. *rolls eyes*
It's this book, they honestly say that
masturbating is a sin that god dosen't approve of.


Anyways, gotta go.

Remember your chemicals... -Blackalicious.