The crazy world of me
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2005-09-12 03:47:28 (UTC)


Hey kids!!! I am in such a good move these days. I just
had a pretty good weekend. My sister and her husband came
up for there anniversary because we were having a little
dinner thing with the people who were in the wedding. It
was fun. After the dinner we came back to my house and all
got a little drunk. We had Johns Mom doing beer bongs and
stuff it was funny shit. My dad said he could drink me
under the table so I told him to try and needless to say I
won. It was just a good night all together. It was the
first time that my sister and I drank together and didn't
get in a fight.
I am not sure if I told you I got money for a car but I
did. I had some shit that I had overpaid on my car and I
got back the money for my warranty that I didn't use. So
that is exciting. Mom said I cant get a car though until I
get a job but that is okay because I got a job. I just
found out. I am going to be making a lot more than what I
was and I am going to have awesome benefits. I new that
good things were going to happen. It just took some time.
It is so weird how when I get my feelings they always end
up being right. So all good shit has been taking place. I
start my job on the 26th. I cant wait. Well, I am going
to go. Peace

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