Lesbian Chinchilla

Mmm...Lesbian Drama
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2005-09-12 02:49:33 (UTC)

Gay Dance

Ah the lambda dance, that was an interesting night as

My outfit was a hit as usual, although it was fun to walk
into the room and have my boys (Ian, Tyler, and Eric)
yell "oh my fucking god!" when they saw me.

I learned that my friend Mark is a lesbian magnet. I was
more or less being ignored by all the other lesbians
there , until I started dancing with Mark that is. A minute
or two after I start dancing with Mark I get grabbed from
behind and then kissed by some random girl who then
disappeared, and then I went back to dancing with Mark and
then suddenly another lesbian walks up and starts sex
dancing with me and then walks off. Then Mark went back to
dancing with his boyfriend and girls stopped hitting on me.
hmmm...bring mark next time I want to pick up a girl?

Other than that though it was basically a normal dance I
wandered around and danced with my friends and some new
girls and then I spent about the last half of the night
with Alana again being Lambda dance buddies. (A lambda
dance buddy being someone you dance, hang out, and make out
with when you don't have a date) Which was nice like always.

The only problems I had during the night were first I
introduced two girls I have crushes on, and they
immediately started making out...ouch. And second having a
Lambda dance buddy after basically no physical contact in a
sexual way for three months reminded me why relationships
are so nice since I am such a touchy-feely person.

However seeing all the drama that was going on with other
people reminded me exactly why I swore off relationships in
the first place. Hmmm perhaps a cuddle buddy would be a
solution? Damn my old cuddle buddy for running off to the

But all in all Yay for gay dances.