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2005-09-12 01:43:04 (UTC)

Breaking Development

Yeah. Forgot to add this to my other update...

But Tony and Lauren finally decided to toke with
me...Ironicly for Lauren, the day after I toked with her,
she broke her leg and cheated on my brother...So she is
probably going to be divorced. Friday, I toked with Tony so
tommorow, I plan to get the quarter, smoke a few bowls with
Zak and Lyndsey, ditch lyndsey, smoke some more with Zak,
ditch Zak and toke with Tony. No more than 5 bowls with
Zak/Lyndsey, so I should be good. That will only be a half
of one of my bags so i'll do a bowl or two with Tony, do the
rest of the bag before/during school and the last 1/8 should
last me threw wednesday when I get more. I love how I just
toke and toke and toke until all the cash is gone. : )

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