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2005-09-12 01:39:20 (UTC)


Yeah, the first day was fun. I got up at about 4:50 in the
morning and started to blaze. I had two-three bowls before I
went to school. During lunch, I blazed and after school, I
blazed. I did the same for the second day of school. But
then I went dry and I have been basicly dry since then...But
meh. I get paid tommorow and I get about 200 bucks.

Over the weekend, I did the paper route and worked at
Subway. I did the paper route from 2:30 to 6, fell asleep,
woke up at 10, went to work, got off at 3, went back at 5
and got off at 9...Then I went to bed, got up at 2 for
another route and didnt get back to sleep until 7. Yeah. It
sucked. Thats 16 hours crammed into one day and the morning
afterwords. I'm beat as I type.

Tommorow im looking to go through AJ to pick up a quarter.
I'm saving atleast 75 bucks from my paycheck for my car.
Thats going to be deposited right away. The quarter should
last me until wednesday. Then im going to get an 1/8 when
the quarter runs out. I'd be suprised if I have enough for
another 1/8 but if I do, hey, lets toke...Right? thats 150
there. My paycheck should be around 200 so thats going to be
sweet. So about 275 this upcoming week is what I expect.
Chances are it could be a little more.

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