beautifuly broken
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2005-09-12 00:53:48 (UTC)

i love him so much!!

he always has something 2 say about mi. always something wrong
. always something 2 complain about. god i love him so much but i
cant stand the way i just wish he would come back 2 mi n love mi n
idk i juss cant stand 2 fite w/ him i want 2 b close 2 him so bad but
then i want 2 b far away from him so i dont hurt any more i love him
so much that it hurts my heart and idk y but it just makes mi cry i
miss him so much and i just want 2 hear him say baby its ok im
here and 4 everything 2 disapear b/c hes with mi...i just want
everything 2 b ok b/c of him...i love him and want him so bad thats
all for now b/c now im starting 2 cry but ill write more later xoxo 3

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