Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2005-09-12 00:08:39 (UTC)

And I walked that bloody road of death...

Thats an old mercenary term from days gone by lost in war.
A lone mercenary was once hired for war... he had no
affiliation with anyone on his side. He walked his own path
regardless of how his comrades in battle spoke of or
thought of him. His only concern was his mission... As days
past by, they turned into months, and then into years. Then
one day, a terrible thing happened.
A secret enemy envoy, (a messenger from the rebel
side) met with the lone mercenary one cold winter night. He
offered him a greater salary if he were to defect to the
opposing side. Without hesitation or second thought, the
mercenary agreed. Though honor was just a meaningless word
to him, he neglected his emotions... and switched sides.
The very next day, he entered combat with the previous
squad he had worked with for so long. As the battle came to
a grueling end... he struck down the last surviving soldier
whom had worked with him for countless days... His last
words to the mercenary were few but endless. "Have you no
heart..? We were... comrades... ...." The soldier then
passed on leaving those words to his old partner in battle.
For the first time in years of his life.. the
mercenary felt emotion once again. His heart was suddenly
stricken with grief and pain. Those last words suddenly
haunted him like a plague running cold in his heart. He
could not bear it anymore, not even for a moment longer. He
picked up his old comrades sword and then thrusted it into
his chest. As he died on his knees, he uttered his last few
words to the enemy who had hired him. "And I walked that
bloody road of death... now I see... ...."
The lesson of this story which I came across at one
part in my life is to never ever forget your feelings or
who you truly are made to be in life. Everytime I think
about the pain in my heart... I think about that story and
somehow it helps me pick up the pieces left behind to move
on in life. I'll never forgive myself for my mistakes...
but it doesn't matter if you are forgiven or not. What does
matter is that you do the next right thing and never make
that mistake again... always remember the lone mercenary...
he will forever bear that pain in his soul for all
eternity. But like me, everyone can make a new
beginning...and a difference in life.

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