alone and adored
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2005-09-11 21:20:57 (UTC)

Im A Loser

well... pathetic.. university is too much like highschool
so much so that i will seruiosly consider transferring
overseas next year to get away from this shit. its not all
bad i like my classes its the driving in everyday with a
certain someone (well call her shannon) and shannon has to
point out every 3 seconds that she sees someone we know
from highschool "oh look theres jimmy... hey theres
karen..." and so on... hey shannon, look there's SHUT THE
FUCK UP! christ i ignore her and she doesnt get it. i want
her to fuck off and get awy from me but of course we have
to drive in everyday together because theres no actual
reason so say no. so i cried on the way home of my second
day of university becasue i was so upset that shes invading
my personal time with my mother and my mornings and
evenings and whenever she can inbetween. holy mother of
god. get a drive with someone else before i shoot you. okay
i get it your going to a party today with someone you dont
even like just so you can tell me about it. how bout this
shannon. im faaar prettier than you, i have better style,
i am the shit when im wasted at parties (not that that
counts for much im just saying compared to you becasue you
are an ass and no one wants to be seen with you) im sure
you may turn out to be a doctor but i dont like you and
neither do most of your 'friends' whihc also unfortunately
happen to be my 'friends' but the point is i want that to
change in university and it cant when youre breathing down
my neck all day. jesus H. i hate this. i hate people who
bring me down like this. if i want to be around you you'll
know it.. and when i tell my mom i just end up sounding
like a bitch which i HATE. fuck. fuck. fuck. i cant get
over this... i wanted to start over with uni but i cant
becasue shannon* is a fuking loser and shes losering all
over me. i hate this if i dont make avid conversation im
somehow being rude like if i gt out of the car in the morn
and i say "im jsut gonna head to frist class, bye" im being
a bitch... what would you rather me say " shannon fuck
off." yah i thought so... but there are cool people like
nancy and marina. i totally should ahve gone to the kitchen
party and "after" party. piss on me. but who would i have
gone with? yah... im a loner..

fuck. me.

ps- j'aime le classe de francais

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